Spring Clean up

Why do a spring clean up

Every spring, it is highly recommended to get a Spring Clean Up service done on your lawn every year. Doing so will rapidly speed up the growth of your lawn, and also remove all dirt, mold and any debris left on your grass, that will prevent it from being healthy.

The following services below are included in the spring clean up.

Power Raking

This powerful machine will comb through your grass and thatch to remove old grass clippings, mold, small rocks, twigs and any other small debris that will hinder the proper growth for your grass. This will also help your grass get more air, water and nutrients to the soil. Click on Power Raking link for more information.

Power Brooming

This is another powerful machine that will removes sand, dirt, rocks, and other debris on the front part of your yard by your street. Generally here you will find sand that has been plowed onto your grass during city snow plows.


This machine will remove small plugs up to 3 inches of soil from your lawn. This will allow maximum air, water and nutrients to your soil for your grass roots to absorb for a lush green grass. Click on Aeration link for more information.


Once everything above is completed, the last step will be to spread a fertilizing down on your grass.  This will help give your grass a nice boost of growth for the spring. Click on Fertilizer and Weed Control link for more information


Our Spring Cleanup service is limited to a short time in the spring.  To reserve your spot, please call 204.777.3733.