Power Raking

What is power raking

A commercial machine used to lift and then remove dead thatch material from your lawn.  This allows more air, water, and nutrients to your soil and grass roots of your lawn.  It’s similiar in the way when you use your normal everyday rake.  The benefits of power raking is that it is much more powerful and can grab alot more thatch and debris then what you can do with an everyday rake.  It is also a much faster as well.  The time you can spend hours on your lawn can be done in minutes with a commerical grade power raker, and have much better results.

What is thatch?

Thatch is a layer of dead and decomposing organic material (grass), that forms at the base of your grass blades, above the soil.  When too much thatch accumulates it will start to have negative affects on your lawn.  A little thatch is good to have to on your lawn, but over the season it can start to build up.

Do I need to have thatch removed?

To have proper grass growth, then removing the thatch is very important.  Too much thatch will have negative affects on your lawn as air, water and nutrients can not reach the soil and the roots of your lawn, which will not allow new growth to come in as well.

When to remove thatch

It’s best to remove thatch from your lawn in the spring after the snow melts.  Thatch build up from the previous season will have accumulated.  By doing a power rake will remove that thatch.  It is highly suggested to do power raking with a spring clean up service in early spring when the snow has melted.  This will maximize grass growth in the spring.

Order Services

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