Do I need to overseed

Over time grass reproduction starts to slow down as they age. A blade of grass has an average lifespan of 45 – 60 days.  New blades must outgrow the older grass blades to keep your grass young, healthy, thick and lush.  Overseeding is a very inexpensive way to keep your grass thick and lush.

When to overseed

Best time to over seed is in early spring right after a spring clean up. When a spring clean up is done, it will remove all thatch and debris from you grass, as well as aeration will pull plugs/cores from your lawn. So while the fertilizer is being spread it will be good to spread some grass seed as well.  This way it can get into the fresh prepared lawn with air, water and nutrients.  When overseeding is done, be sure to water your lawn lots to give the new seeds plenty of nutrients to grow quickly.

If you are interested in our over seeding program please give us a call at 204.777.3733