Why Aerate

When spring starts, most focus on mowing, weed control and fertilizing.  These are all very important steps to take to have a healthy lawn, but one step that is often overlooked and very crucial is aeration.  Over time, as the soil gets older, it will start to become compacted.  This results in little room or space for water, air, and nutrients to get absorbed by the roots of your lawn.  So wasted resources (water and fertilizer) are spent on your lawn when they can not get to your roots.

This is a process where a machine (can be done with smaller tools) will remove small cylinder shaped plugs or cores from your lawn.  The plugs are spaced out about 6 inches apart and the core/plugs are then left back on the surface of your lawn.  These small holes now in your lawn will help loosen compacted soil conditions, and allow water, air and nutrients to reach your roots.

Do I need to Aerate?

If you want to have lush green grass, spend less time on trying to revive your grass, and spend less money on water and fertilizer, then aeration is highly recommended.  Also if you have kids and pets that are always on your lawn, then that will be another reason to have aeration done.

When to Aerate my Lawn

The best time to aerate your lawn is in the spring or fall time.  Get the Aeration done during our spring clean up at a much cheaper rate.  During the spring clean up special, it follows after the power raking of your yard when all old grass and debris has been removed.  Following the aeration, there will be fertilizing.  It’s best to water your lawn as soon as possible after the spring clean up.  This will allow maximum air, water and nutrients to your soil and roots.  This will give you the boost your grass needs to start off strong for summer.